Vocal Lessons: 

Mondays & Wednesdays 4:30-9:00

Private one on one Lessons are 30, 45, to 1 hour increments depending on skill level and student goals.  These lessons are person specific and work on proper vocal health to develop students’ natural sound.  The technique is applicable to all styles and genres.

These lessons will benefit and are available for personal development, confidence building in voice, and understanding anatomy.  Each voice student will be offered an opportunity to perform in the Christmas Cabaret and a Spring Concert

Depending on the goal of the student:

  • These lessons may follow Royal Conservatory, Canadian Conservatory and lead to preparations for local festivals such as Rotary, Kiwanis and Peel competitions.
  • Specialising in Musical Theatre and stage voice
    • Vintage Broadway (classical sound/Showboat)
    • Modern Broadway (Spoken sound/ Wicked)
    • Grunge Broadway (pop sound with edge/Rent)
    • Voices of Disney
  • Available for college and university entry examintions.
  • Depending on Students’ goals, Microphone and Sound equipent are available for use.
  • The singing voice is a very personal instrument; all lessons are uplifting, building, and encouraging.